Suave Agave

Suave Agave is a major fundraiser for the organization designed to raise funds to deliver scholarships toward higher education and to support the programs and services of the organization.

We have some great sponsorship packages to spotlight your business. Contact : Veronica R Padilla at [email protected] or Yolanda Torrez at [email protected] for more information

Event Tickets

Latina Leadership


Founded in 2005, MANA de Topeka is a local chapter of the National MANA organization commited to improving the lives of Latinos and the community through Latino Leadership. We have exciting things going on in 2023 and as a membership organization we invite you to be part of the change.

Events coming soon include: Hermanitas Conference 2023, Friday, March 24th of 2023; and after 10 long years SUAVA AGAVE IS BACK Saturday, October 21, 2023. Be on the look out - Tickets on Sales Soon!