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January 26th, 2016

Latina Awards

Annual Latina Awards – Past Present & Future

Click for Highlights of the 2014 Latina Awards


Since the early years of the twentieth century, Latinos served with excellence the Latino and larger Shawnee County communities in numerous ways.   In 2004, MANA de Topeka began to honor Latinos’ tradition of distinguished commitment to our community in different categories: arts/entertainment, community service, education, and economic development.  Over the years MANA has had the privilege to recognize dozens of the community’s most significant leaders, past, present, and future, through the Latina Awards.

Latina Award recipients may be male or female.  Recipients do not have to be Latino as the community commitment embodied in the criteria is not race-specific.   However, MANA considers contributions to the Latino community in Shawnee County of primary importance.


Arts/Entertainment: This award may be granted to an individual or group that promotes the production or arrangements of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other artistic elements in a manner that conveys a sense of beauty, style, and grace.

Community Service: This award may be granted to an individual who contributes extensive time to improve the quality of life of Topekans, who demonstrates the highest ethical standards and genuine concern for all citizens.  The recipient of this award may serve either through voluntary non-employment based community service or political office.  In either case, the recipient must demonstrate a clear commitment to the public good that is not defined by religious affiliation or political party.

Education: This award may be granted to an educator or a student who demonstrates a commitment to informed community service and/or lifelong learning through efforts as an education advocate, mentor, or tutor.

Economic Development: This award may be granted to a corporation or individual who has contributed substantially to the quality of life of the Latino community through noteworthy commitment to diversity and cultural awareness, Latino professional development and/or career achievement, or through the production of quality goods and/or services combined with a commitment to community service and/or mentorship.   The efforts of the individual or corporation must demonstrate a commitment to positive economic development for the community generally, and the Latino community most specifically.


To nominate and individual/organization or group please send a nomination email

Deadline: April 8th, must be submitted by 5:00pm

Include the following information:

Nominees Name

Job Title (if applicable)

Email address

Phone number

Answer the following questions:

1.  Why should the nominee receive a Latina Award?

2.  What other awards and recognitions has the nominee received?

3.  Describe the nominee’s professional and community service history?

Is the nominee under the age of 18? ______

Is the nominee over the age of 18? _______


Name of Nominator

Phone number

Email address



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