MANA de Topeka


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June 25th, 2017

What does “MANA” stand for?

MANA originally stood for the Mexican American National Association, named when it was originally founded in 1974 by Mexican-American women. In January 1994, members voted to become MANA, A National Latina Organization, to reflect the growing diversity of its membership. Today, MANA is the largest national Latina membership organization.
What does MANA de TOPEKA do?
MANA de TOPEKA is a local chapter of the national organization and supports the MANA’s mission of empowering Latinas through leadership development, community service, and advocacy.
Is MANA de TOPEKA a membership organization?
Does MANA include all Latinas or just Mexican-American Latinas?
MANA includes ALL Latinas and anyone who supports the organizations mission.
How can I contact the MANA national office?
Visit the MANA National website for contact information:
What are the benefits of being a MANA de TOPEKA member?
A MANA member becomes part of a nationwide community network; can participate in monthly educational programs and annual conferences; and has access to leadership development.
How is MANA de TOPEKA funded?
MANA is funded through membership dues, and fundraising efforts.
Who are the MANA de TOPEKA’s Board of Directors?
MANA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its membership.
Who are MANA de TOPEKA members?
MANA members are active members of the community that provide leadership to the Topeka area.
What kind of information does MANA de TOPEKA provide?
MANA provides information of importance to Latinas, their families and the Hispanic community.

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